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We only serve female basketball players in Texas. There are several companies who want to capitalize and collect all the athletes they can -- we know what we do well.

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Player Rimedies takes a personalized and individualized approach to each prospect, no two are the same. We will not send out massive blast emails with 10s or 100s of coaches or prospects.

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Your success is our success. We want to see you in the best possible position when High School concludes, and we're going to work smarter so you can keep doing the hard work!

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Coach Mo + rimmy

Marissa “Rimmy” Rimbert, originally from north Atlanta, played alongside an Olympian on a historic Georgia girl’s basketball team that was ranked number 1 in the country and garnered a perfect 31-0 record in 2007. After graduating, Rimmy went on to play for 4 years at Armstrong State. Sitting at the intersection of academics & athletics; and is passionate about using her NCAA experience to educate and connect young girls navigating the recruiting process.

Madison, WI native, Monica Davidson, Coach Mo has 12 years of coaching experience and 5+ undefeated seasons. Coach Mo firmly believes in the STUDENT athlete, encouraging her players to be their best in the classroom and on the court. Coach Mo has helped facilitate and develop spoken word and writing curriculum for countless high school, grade school, professional and community programs. Coach Mo has a passion for working with young people and believes every mind has a great talent waiting to be discovered. 

Together, Coach Mo and Rimmy are Player Rimedies. With a combined 18 years of coaching experience, 21 years of education and an unwavering commitment to assist the next generation to reach their greatest capacity. Player Rimedies by design brought two powerhouse women together to better connect the next generation of young women to opportunities.

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