What Can I Do Today to Help My Recruitment?

Clean Up Your Social Media

We know spam accounts are real and we also know ya’ll are just kids who want to have fun – but don’t post your spam account on your regular accounts stories. Millennials (who grew up in the “internet” age) fully understand the art of deception. If we can find your spam account so can that college coach and depending on their level of humor it may or may not have you written off their “board” before you ever get written on it. Clean up your likes on social media, be aware of what you’re commenting on and know that much like NFTs once it’s out there – it’s usually forever.

Make a 3-month Improvement Plan

I had a player tell me one summer that she wanted to be better but thought that everything she could do was pretty good. I asked her to compare herself to her favorite player, if her favorite player is a 10, where are you on the scale? Ball-handling – 6, shooting – 7, passing – 4. Of course there was a rebuttal that her favorite player has been playing longer, has access to more things, but my point is this she too was once where you are now.

While nothing compares to playing and having the opportunity to showcase your hard work, the growth comes in the off season, by yourself (parent/trainer/friend) in the driveway or local school. It happens during your open gyms at high school, when you decide I’m going to do 100 in/outs without messing up – because now in a game it’s second nature and you just leveled up 3x in 1 summer. Take advantage!


What schools do you think you’d like to attend? Why? What about those schools attractive? Is it just the name? Have you considered the dorm set-up, are freshman on-campus? Do athletes have specific and/or preferred housing? Are freshman allowed to have cars?

Take some time to look-up schools you’re interested in so you can learn better what those institutions have to offer academically and socially, but also take a look at the roster. Where has this coach recruited from before? What style offense does the coach prefer is it a lot of run-in-transistion, swing, or shooters set? Will you play well in those systems?

Pick out a few players that play your position, where do you measure up – accolades, skills? Then put all of that hard-work in an email and send it off. A coach would love to hear about the time and effort you put into your recruitment – and then carry that same dedication to the court when its gametime.

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Because quite honestly we’ll give you the blueprint on the workout plan, do the research for you and tell you what social media things to clean up. We’ll also educate you on the next best steps, evaluate your game for you, as someone who isn’t your coach, who doesn’t know you (just like college coaches do) and connect you to the schools that will be your best fit.

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