If I Work Hard, Offers Will Come?

Fortunately or unfortunately working hard is not a complete picture of the college basketball recruitment process. Does receiving a collegiate offer require hard work? Absolutely. Does having high-scoring statistics in travel ball and/or high school make a difference? For sure. But is that enough? Absolutely, not.

How Much is Enough?

Now, it’s about what you know AND who you know but it’s also about what they know.

Having the right High school or AAU Coach, and playing for the right team in the right events are all incredibly important factors in the college recruitment process. But what does that mean? And who’s answer do you trust when asking that question?

Be the Most Prepared Applicant

As a prospect, it is the athlete’s job to be the most prepared applicant: taking care of academics, being proactive in workouts, taking care of the body, being conscientious of social media, and character on and off the court.

The recruit is the most impactful person in their recruitment process.

Because it’s not just about what you know, it’s who you know; so surround yourself with positive influences, people who have your best interest in mind. The recruit is the most impactful person in their recruitment process. It’s important to have people who are well connected, know you well enough to advocate on your behalf, but are also willing and able to tell you the truth. Those are the types of people you want to know. People who don’t just understand your problem but people who have a solution to it as well.

Player Rimedies is here to connect you with the right contacts, guide you through the process and share all of what WE know – with you. The best part of our success is your success.

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With a combined 18 years of coaching experience, 21 years of education and an unwavering commitment to assist the next generation to reach their greatest capacity. Player Rimedies by design brought two powerhouse women together to better connect the next generation of young women to opportunities.

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